The Swiss Association of Medical Experts was created in January 2012 by a group of doctors from the three different language regions. The aim is to establish fraternal relationship and exchange experiences about medical assessments, professional development, quality control and code of practice.


There are around 39’000 assessments made each year (Invalidity InsuranceSUVA and private insurances) which amounts to a large financial turnover. It is therefore important to look at various questions, primarily the postgraduate education of the medical experts, but also the need of medical epidemiological studies in order to understand the problems which arise, particularly assessing the ability to work in relation to various health problems.


There is no definition as to what constitutes an expert. There is no formal postgraduate curriculum, no official institution providing training courses. Switzerland is in an unusual position concerning the field of medical experts, because we do not offer the same opportunities for professional development as others countries, neither is there a national umbrella organization, nor are there official experts for the courts, like in others countries. The Swiss medical doctors and their different professional associations have not been able to reach an agreement on various syndromes, such as whiplash or fibromyalgia, like in other countries.


The absence of guidelines which clearly define the status and the role of the expert, as well as a specific code of conduct is not acceptable. The Swiss Association of Medical Experts aims to deal with all the above questions, defend their status, as well as maintain a trusted, honest and independent working relationship between the experts and the authorities, patients and other participants.

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President :

Peter Rosatti, MD

Mobile phone : +41 79 583 34 07


Secretary :
Eric Jensen, MD
Mobile phone : +41 79 638 83 48


Member :
Franceska El Shater



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